Good Hope Manor - Milwaukee
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Taking Care of Residents in a Comfortable Environment

Let our hospice and medical care team help your physically or mentally disabled loved one. At Good Hope Manor, Milwaukee, our team provides residents the services they need. We can work with anyone who suffers from a health condition, such as a brain injury. Each of our professionals wants to help people better their lives. We work alongside family and friends to provide our clients support. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Residents We Assist:

• Verbal & Nonverbal • Ambulatory & Non-Ambulatory • Ileostomy

Activities of Daily Living

If your disabled relative has difficulty caring for themselves, let us assist them. We can help them with any activity, including grooming, dressing, and meal preparation. Our medical team makes sure residents follow diet guidelines that have been set for them.

Fun Tasks & Entertainment

Our specialists enjoy keeping our residents entertained. We provide exciting outings, where we drive residents to different locations. We typically go within a 15-to-20-mile radius of our facility. Additionally, we host a variety of house activities. Some of these fun pastimes include arts and crafts, movie nights, and sports events. We offer day programs, depending on funding.

When the holidays arrive, we take advantage of them. We plan many activities for residents to partake in, such as parties and gift exchanges.

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Resident Development

Helping people improve their daily living skills is one of our main goals. Our trained physical and occupational therapists help residents with their development through music and pet rehabilitation. Both treatments are very beneficial.

Paying for Services

It is easy to pay for your loved one's stay with us. You have the options of paying a contracted rate through family care, an insurance provider, or private pay. Our Milwaukee, Wisconsin-based team determines the rate based on the resident's needs.